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Walk and Taste

Have you been to Mexico a million times but still haven't had the nerve to try an esquite from the market or have you ever tasted a wild avocado with the peel on?  Who has the best 'pan dulce?' What about a mixiote taco, or exotic fruits like mamey, or zapote, or maracuyá? Or simply a freshly nixtamalized blue corn tortilla made by hand? In our stroll you'll taste many of the foods that have been around since the time of the conquest and prepared more or less the same way.
In Florence, have you wondered who has the best espresso? Where can you taste the best schiacciata? What exactly is the difference between a fresh and a seasoned pecorino? What is a finocchiona? How good is a Vernaccia di San Gimignano when it's sold as 'vino sfuso' (unbottled wine)? Who has the best cantucci? Or the Sienese ricciarelli (delicate almond cookies)? Do you have a weakness for chocolate...who has the best? Would you be brave enough to try the Florentine street food, lampredotto?  Do I dare mention the best gelato?  Don't worry, our walk will burn your calories!
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